Coronation Street spoilers: Evelyn gets into a big fight and we wouldn’t want to be the other person

Evelyn Plummer (Maureen Lipman) is a beloved figure from Coronation Street. She is fiery, nosy, and gossipy and is never hesitant to say things like they are.

Her one-liners are frequently funny due to her razor-sharp wit and acid tongue, and she isn’t hesitant to engage in physical conflict either.

She recently removed Mimi Halliday’s (Margot Leicester) crutch from under her after realizing Mimi was lying about having a hip ailment. Without a doubt, we wouldn’t want to offend Evelyn.

However, when Evelyn goes in search of a priceless article of clothing in upcoming Corrie episodes, someone is about to do precisely that.

When Bernie (Jane Hazlegrove) discovers a box of old clothes while doing some extra cleaning at Roy’s (David Neilson) apartment, she sends them to a charity shop without realizing that one of the items is a prized possession of Roy—his late wife Hayley’s well-known red anorak.

Roy is devastated when he learns what has occurred, but when Evelyn offers him a model train for his birthday, he recognizes it as being his own. Evelyn then realizes that the charity shop she purchased the railway from must also contain Hayley’s anorak.

Evelyn marches into the store, desperate to get her hands on the prized item, when she recognizes Joy wearing it.

Evelyn tears the coat from Joy’s back and exits the store because she is certain Joy won’t be able to get her hands on the priceless object.

Poor Joy was probably left wondering what exactly transpired.

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