Coronation Street SPOILERS: Emma drops a bombshell on Curtis after he collapses

Their future is uncertain.

According to previews from next week’s episode of Coronation Street, Emma will blindside lover Curtis after he is rushed to hospital following a dramatic collapse.

When Curtis becomes unwell at the Bistro, Emma can only hope that he will recover when medics arrive.

Following the drama, Emma must face the truth of their unfortunate position, including the possibility of losing Curtis at any time.

What does this signify for their relationship’s future?

Curtis faces his sickness in Coronation Street, according to spoilers.

They had a difficult start, but since Curtis told Emma about his ailment, they’ve been inseparable.

Curtis has a cardiac condition that could take his life at any time, so Emma went into their relationship knowing that.

Curtis is stressed as he prepares to receive important test results from the hospital in next week’s Coronation Street spoilers.

Emma agrees to accompany him as moral support, but fate strikes again.

Curtis becomes unwell while working at the Bistro and falls in the middle of his shift, requiring an ambulance to transport him to the hospital.

Heartbreak from a health scare

Emma is ecstatic as she waits to learn what’s going on. Curtis’ doctor recommends that they keep him in for the night so that more testing can be performed.

It’s futile for Curtis, who accepts his fate and asks Emma if they may go home.

When they return to the flat, however, Emma braces herself to deliver shocking news that might change everything.

Will they continue to work together or will they go their own ways?

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