Coronation Street spoilers: Emma Brooker takes dangerous risk with Ted’s grandson Jon

Emma Brooker builds an unexpected and deadly bond with Ted’s grandson Jon after feeling guilty about his death.

What might Emma and her coworker Faye Windass (Ellie Leach) be up to now that he’s arrived on Coronation Street?

In the ITV soap, Emma (Alexandra Mardell) does not believe in safe relationships.

Alexandra will be seen growing friendly with Jon Spear in upcoming sequences on the show, which will take place before her leaving from the show (Jordan Ford Silver).

As he gathers the trolleys, Emma notices Ted’s grandson Jon in the Freshco parking lot… He is completely unconscious that he is watching her.

Later, Jon calls the Rovers to inquire about Emma, stating that he noticed her staring at him in the parking lot while he was working.

Jon tells Emma that since his grandfather’s funeral, which she attended with Faye, he’s been thinking a lot about her.

Jon unexpectedly proposes they grab a bite to eat, and the two head to Speed Daal.

Emma is enthralled with Jon, and he is plainly infatuated with her.

Faye, on the other hand, isn’t fond of the developing relationship and isn’t hesitant to express her disapproval.

Faye chastises Emma for going out on a date with Jon at the salon flat, reminding her that her boyfriend Craig gave up his job as a cop for them when she confessed.

Faye informed the former Police Constable everything she knew about her role in Ted’s death as soon as she saw the authorities were closing in on them, according to ITV viewers.

Craig made the enormous sacrifice of quitting the force to avoid any involvement in the inquiry because he was unwilling to give them over to the cops.

Ted (Duggie Brown) died of a blood clot caused by a car accident in which Faye and Emma collided with him.

He returned home after convincing himself he didn’t require assistance, only to be discovered dead in his recliner by the duo.

Since then, Emma and Faye have been attempting to conceal their tracks, with the latter in especially on edge due to her recent release on bail from prison.

Emma’s phone beeps with a text from Jon, following Faye’s rejection.

Is Emma going to be able to keep Jon in the dark about her secret?

After her tumultuous engagement with Curtis Delamere, could she forsake Faye for a chance at love?

Will the pals turn on one another before breaking up?

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