You are currently viewing Coronation Street spoilers: Dev Alahan dies in prison van crash tragedy?

Coronation Street spoilers: Dev Alahan dies in prison van crash tragedy?

Dev Alahan (Jimmi Harkishin) and his children Asha (Tanisha Gorey) and Aadi (Adam Hussain) may perish as a result of Coronation Street filming a massive car crash stunt that will lead to Harvey Gaskell’s escape (Will Mellor).

A number of dramatic storylines are planned as part of ITV’s so-called mega soap week, one of which involves a massive prank that could result in the Alahans’ death.

Jimmi was caught filming the vehicle stunt just before it took place. The car has been left in a wreck, as shown in the photos.

According to, the prison van holding drug kingpin Harvey collides with Dev’s car, which also has Asha and Aadi inside.

It remains to be seen how events unfold, and whether everyone will survive is a well held secret.

The disaster occurs amid a number of other plotlines, including Harvey’s desire for vengeance against Leanne Battersby (Jane Danson), whom he blames for his prison sentence.

Meanwhile, Abi Franklin’s (Sally Carman) quest for vengeance against serial killer Corey Brent (Max Evans) leads to a horrifying encounter.

Sally recently expressed her excitement for the episodes, stating, “It’s massive, and life-changing, and all of those things, but it’s like she’s being propelled by a force she can’t stop.” It’s also out of her control since she needs to do what she has to do.’

‘It’s ludicrous.’ It’s outlandish, and it’s a lot of fun! I’m shooting at night. There have been a lot of stunts, and it’s been a lot of fun!

‘It’s one of those storylines where you just think to yourself, “Oh come on!” as an actor. Let’s do it!” It’s fantastic.’

The visuals have also been compared to the tram tragedy, and reports warn that the sinkhole beneath the Platt household may bring even more carnage – with Iain MacLeod, the show’s executive producer, confirming at least one death.

‘We don’t have Chekhov’s gun in our stories, but we do have Chekhov’s sinkhole,’ he teased.

‘We sought to subvert the last 12 months and the constrained method in which all soaps have been obliged to tell their tales by saying, ‘We’re back.’

‘It’s going to be massive — there’ll be a lot of passion, a lot of enormous spectacle – it’ll be cinematic.’

‘It’s a statement of intent that we wanted to make as a show — to make something we couldn’t possible have made in the previous 18 months due to the pandemic.’

‘When you tell a story of a certain magnitude and with a certain level of spectacle, the audience expects substantial consequences and conclusions.

‘So, yes, Chekhov’s sinkhole will result in a fatality.’

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