Coronation Street spoilers: Debbie Webster takes drastic action to cope with spiralling debt problem

Debbie Webster, a businesswoman, is concerned about her finances, and the Baileys won’t help.

Next week on Coronation Street, Sue Devaney’s character, the co-owner of the Bistro, receives awful news about Ray Crosby.

While her brother Kevin’s situation may be improving, Debbie is struggling financially and Ray Crosby is still terrorizing her despite the fact that he is in jail.

Ed Bailey (played by Trevor Michael Georges) just had a near-fatal accident in her hotel, which only made matters worse.

Debbie made the decision to settle with the Baileys in order to avoid any legal problems because she was concerned about the date of her last inspection as a result of Ray’s illegal behavior.

However, her problems don’t end there.

Coming up, Debbie informs her companion and Ed Bailey’s (Vinta Morgan) brother Ronnie Bailey (at the Bistro) that Ray canceled the professional indemnity insurance.

She still sets out to resolve her differences with Ed and Aggie Bailey despite this (Lorna Laidlaw).

In the midst of her own financial problems, Debbie phones the hospital and brings a check for the couple, but nurse Aggie informs her it’s not quite enough.

As they had already consulted attorney Adam Barlow, Aggie advises her to take legal action.

She breaks Debbie and Ronnie’s hearts with the news, but she persists.

Later on, Debbie calls No. 3 and gives Ed £30,000 as restitution. Aggie accepts the offer but maintains her position.

Debbie has two weeks to make good on her debt, but will she really be able to?

She has been finding it difficult to manage her financial situation, which was made worse when Leanne Battersby sought to support her sister Toyah while also dealing with her own legal concerns related to Imran Habeeb’s death.

Debbie will undoubtedly get into plenty more trouble as Ray makes her life tough.

In the wake of his accident at her hotel, would she be able to reimburse Ed and Aggie?

Could Debbie come up with a plan to prevent bankruptcy?

Or will she encounter greater difficulties?

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