Coronation Street spoilers: Danger for Aadi as Darren discovers his affair with wife Courtney and plots revenge

As soon as Courtney Vance’s (Stephanie Davis) husband learns about their romance, Aadi Alahan (Adam Hussain) realizes that his time on Coronation Street is running out.

The past few weeks have seen Darren (Ryan Early), a businessman, collaborate with Dev (Jimmi Harkishin). Aadi and Courtney have been sleeping together while the guys have been conversing, primarily during games of golf or at the clubhouse bar.

Although the hazards rise as feelings deepen, Aadi and Courtney are unaffected.

After landing the Frescho contract, Darren is about to schedule a supper to celebrate and advises Aadi to take Amy (Elle Mulvaney) as her date.

Aadi quickly corrects Dev during the workweek when he refers to Aadi and Amy as a relationship, claiming that he is actually seeing Monica.

Later, after Darren has informed Dev that he believes Courtney is having an extramarital affair, the celebratory meal begins.

Aadi slips off with Courtney after talking about his new girlfriend and complimenting everyone on how hilarious, attractive, and brilliant she is.

As they kiss, Dev enters and causes a catastrophe!

After that, Courtney says she’s done with Darren, which makes Aadi fall head over heels in love.

Dev assures Darren toward the end of the week that he’ll speak with Adai and try to get him to see reason, but if that doesn’t work, might Darren still exact retribution for this enormous betrayal in his own way?

Ryan Early remarked, “I believe there is always a chance that Aadi could be in trouble.”

Darren doesn’t strike me as violent, but there are other methods to exact revenge. He can make life really difficult for Aadi and can absolutely ensure that he never makes a penny from his business ventures in the northern part of England.

And Darren might be a major issue if Aadi is someone who is ambitious and wants to succeed in life.He crossed someone who was at the height of his profession very early in his career, which was a terrible mistake…

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