Coronation Street spoilers: Daisy arrested after assaulting her stalker

The most recent Coronation Street spoilers indicate that Daisy Midgeley is taken into custody after finally losing her cool and attacking her stalker Justin.

Daisy erupts after she has had it with Justin and the police’s hesitation to take any action.

Daisy is however detained by the police for assault after striking Justin.

How will she respond to Justin’s most recent action?

Justin bombards Daisy with unwanted attention

Daisy gets a voicemail from Justin as his harassment campaign goes on.

He claims to have discovered her phone number on a delivery item.

As she turns her phone back on later, she is inundated with numerous messages from Justin.

She sobs uncontrollably while in Daniel’s arms.

Daniel says they should call the police as he reads through Justin’s texts.

Daisy displays the texts from Justin to PC Scott at the police station.

PC Scott downplays it and dismisses her concerns.

Daisy is mortified to see that PC Scott has liked every single one of her vacation photos on social media when she gets home.

Daisy violently explodes at her stalker

Daniel proposes they delay their special day until Justin is taken care of.

Daisy rushes over when she sees Justin on Victoria Street carrying a bouquet of flowers.

She throws the bouquet to the ground before stamping on it.

Daisy notices red as Justin tries to put a calming palm on her arm.

She blows at him.

PC Jess arrests Daisy for assault

George, who is astonished, watches as Daisy punches Justin.

Justin explains to her that he was visiting George to make preparations since his mother recently passed away.

On Daniel’s shoulder, Daisy sobs loudly.

Daisy is later advised to stop by the station by PC Jess.

She says Justin accused her of assault.

What lengths will Justin go to in his complaint?

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