Coronation Street spoilers: Craig proposes after Faye cheats

According to upcoming episode of Coronation Street spoilers, Faye cheats on Craig with Jackson while he is unaware of it. Craig then proposes to her.

Faye comes to find Craig on one knee after Faye and Jackson go on a date to a hotel bar. He’s making her a proposal. But according to spoilers for Coronation Street, who boy will Faye pick?

Coronation Street spoilers: Faye cheats on Craig

Craig gives Jackson and Miley three tickets to the Weatherfield Giants basketball game and tells them to enjoy themselves when they arrive at the factory to visit Faye.

Later, Craig tries his best to put a smile on Miley’s face by giving her a basketball that has been autographed by her favorite player.

Faye later lies to Craig despite his best efforts, telling him that she is leaving to meet up with some pals. Instead, she heads to a hotel to meet Jackson for a drink.

Faye is shocked to see Beth out with her ex-boyfriend Marco inside the hotel. When Beth discovers that Faye is also out with her ex, she is astounded.

Faye and Jackson feel bad when they watch Craig baking cookies with Tim and Miley after their date.

Coronation Street spoilers: Craig proposes to Faye

Later, after Jackson poses a significant question to her, Faye must make a difficult choice. She is asked to relocate with him and Miley to the South.

He recently received a new work offer. He wishes Faye could follow them.

Beth drives Faye to Victoria Gardens as she mulls over the situation. She discovers that Craig has given her an engagement ring as a sign of his love.

Will Faye choose to go down South with Jackson and Miley when Craig pops the question to her on one knee in Weatherfield?

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