Coronation Street spoilers: Corey Brent killer lies to be exposed as Nina and Asha discover vital evidence

KILLER Next week on Coronation Street, Corey Brent may finally get his comeuppance when Nina and Asha uncover critical evidence linking him to Seb’s death.

After killing Nina’s lover Seb in a terrible hate crime attack targeting the couple because she was dressed as a goth, the player – who is played by Maximum Evans in the ITV soap – walked free.

Kelly Neelan, on the other hand, was sentenced to death in dramatic courtroom scenes when Corey was able to pin the incident totally on her.

However, the next week, Asha encounters a man named Stu who is carrying a Weatherfield County Backpack, which is identical to the bag Corey discarded the night of the attack.

When Stu says he discovered it in the Rovers, Asha assumes it’s Corey’s from the night of the attack and chases him down, but he escapes.

Asha and Nina seek to find Stu because they believe it is their only chance to prove Corey’s guilt.

Will they succeed, or will they endanger themselves even more?

Abi Franklin, Seb’s mother, will get involved in a deadly fight to kill Corey this week after purchasing a pistol in recent scenes to exact her revenge.

Abi will be propelled into action this week as she discovers Corey has been given a football contract in Germany.

Abi rushes out in search of Corey but, with everyone in Halloween masks, she struggles to find him.

Eventually she confronts him and prepares to pull the gun, but she’s stopped in her tracks when the ground falls way beneath them courtesy to the Platt’s collapsed pit.

Abi and Corey find themselves lying in a Victorian sewer, with the rifle midway between them on the ground.

As a fight ensues, who will lose?

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