Coronation Street spoilers confirm John Stape ‘return’ as Hope’s online pal resurfaces

John Stape, a notorious serial killer on the cobbles, will be back next week, according to Coronation Street spoilers.

Just in time for Halloween, Fiz Stape’s ex-husband is scheduled to make an appearance as his daughter Hope reconnects with her anonymous internet “friend,” Mad Dog.

The following week, Tyrone tells Fiz that he’s enrolled in a taekwondo class, leaving her perplexed. When she informs Sean about it, he immediately recalls her that his participation in a yoga class was what started his romance with Alina Pop, which causes Fiz to become concerned.

But Fiz is under pressure in other ways as well; later that week, she calls into the bar to let Ty know that she’s received a call from a journalist.

The Weatherfield Gazette wants to publish an article about her infamous ex-husband, John Stape.

Tyrone is informed by Fiz as the call comes to an end that the paper intends to serialize a book about the murderer. The only person Tyrone can immediately think of as being responsible is Fiz’s ex-boyfriend Phill Whittaker.

While the two were getting ready to move in together, Phill shocked Fiz by revealing his own plans to publish a book about John.

However, it seemed at the time that Phill’s motivations were at least largely sincere because he wanted his fiancée to deal with the tragedy of her past.

It’s also time for the return of Hope’s enigmatic gaming contact Mad Dog elsewhere on the cobblestones.

Sam confides in his friend that he’s hesitant to his dad Nick the truth because he’s concerned that Harvey might send him a letter while he’s abroad.

However, Hope is convinced that telling his parent—and reminding Sam that Mad Dog believes you never tell adults any secrets—would be a mistake.

Hope, have you taken on more than you can chew? Will Fiz and Ty see what she’s doing online before things get out of hand? Time will only tell.

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