You are currently viewing Coronation Street spoilers: Child assault claim, murder protest and guilty secret

Coronation Street spoilers: Child assault claim, murder protest and guilty secret

As his conflict with David Platt (Jack P Shepherd) intensifies, Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard) threatens losing his newfound career on Coronation Street – but can he contain himself after behaving aggressively in public?

Imran Habeeb (Charlie de Melo) continues to keep his shameful secret hidden, but will Toyah Battersby (Georgia Taylor) get to the bottom of it after making an accusation?

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David informs the school about Daniel’s assault on Max. Daniel is called in for a meeting with the deputy director. He apologizes for seizing Max’s jacket, but he refuses to retract his claim that the wallet was stolen. David proclaims that Daniel should be fired, and that if the school refuses to do so, he will. The pair fights as Shona refuses to back David.

Mrs Crawshaw suggests that Daniel should appease David rather than risk his job. A bank card Max tries to use in the corner shop is refused, which makes Dev suspicious. Daniel is shocked to learn that David has filed a police report accusing him of abusing Max.

Sabeen invites Imran to join her in a lucrative appeal case, but when he sees the defendant’s name — Harvey Gaskell! – he is taken aback. Imran disagrees, but Sabeen reminds him of what he did the night Kelly was sentenced and persuades him to reconsider. Imran is afraid about blackmail.

Audrey is still devastated by Rita’s betrayal and accuses Gail, Claudia, and others of laughing behind her back. Audrey is touched by Shona’s words of comfort as she explains her feelings of redundancy to her.

While Asha is enthralled by her studies, Roy pushes Nina to pursue a creative outlet.

Danny’s ears perk up when he hears Ed tell Paul that the yard is experiencing cash flow issues. Knowing how busy his father has been lately, James is perplexed.



James is enraged and demands to know what is going on. Grace compelled them to give her their house and renovate it for free if they wanted to keep seeing Glory, Aggie reveals. James is taken aback.

Dev notifies David that his bank card has been denied. David downplays the situation by claiming he loaned his card to Max, but then lashes out at him. Daniel’s mind races as Dev talks about Max, David, and the bank card at the shop.

Sabeen hides her surprise when Imran stands firm in his belief that Harvey belongs in prison and refuses to play any role in attempting to release him.

Summer is devastated when Daniel informs her that he is unable to tutor her due to his suspension. Gail organizes a surprise delayed birthday dinner for Audrey, and invites Rita.

Nina inquires about resuming her Underworld design work, but is saddened to hear that she has been replaced. Roy proposes that she return to college to pursue a fashion degree.


A COMPOUND SENTENCE is a sentence that is made up of two or more

Today is Kelly’s sentencing date. Imran offers an impassioned speech, pleading with the judge to take Kelly’s traumatic past and delicate mental health into account. Kevin is furious when he sees Sabeen in the court lobby, accusing her of getting Corey off easy.

Audrey is underwhelmed when she arrives for her birthday dinner to discover only Gail, Sarah, and David. Audrey is offended by her old-lady gifts and yells at Gail for remarking on her squinting to read after she rejected a drink, stating they perceive her as an old lush. Audrey loses her cool and walks off when Rita shows her, hoping to bury the hatchet. Audrey enters her vehicle, but there is a loud crunch. Gail reveals she’s reversed into Rita’s car, and she’s shocked.

When Max’s insolence triumphs, David wonders if he done the right thing by shielding him.

Nina tells Asha that she wants to study fashion at Weatherfield College and asks her to model some samples for shots for her interview. Asha is overjoyed.



Toyah is upset when Gary says he spotted Imran heading into a pub on the night of Kelly’s judgment, and she realizes Imran lied to her. Imran is reminded of Sabeen’s assistance on the night of the judgement. Toyah keeps a close eye on their relationship. Toyah, back at home, can’t take it any longer and confronts Imran straight if he’s cheating on Sabeen. Will Imran tell the truth about where he was that night?

Audrey has angered Rita by denting her automobile. Audrey accuses Gail and Sarah of being ageist as they ask Audrey about the accident and wonder if she’s losing her faculties.

Jack informs Corey that he has been promoted to County’s first squad and has been assigned to the bench for the upcoming match. Kevin recognizes that this is yet another setback for Abi.

Roy is glad to see Nina and Asha getting along, but Nina warns him not to make any assumptions.

In the run-up to Halloween, Debbie reveals that the cafe would organize a ‘House of Horrors’ themed event in the derelict brewery building.

Max resisted David and went out when he was grounded, David reveals to Shona. David sends him home, but he has to keep his fury hidden in front of a passing Daniel.



Audrey approaches Rita in the cafe and apologizes for causing damage to her vehicle, offering to pay for the repairs. When Rita proposes that she get her eyes checked, she takes offense. Gail persuades David and Sarah to stage an intervention in order to figure out what’s wrong with Audrey. Gail hopes for a pleasant talk when she summons Audrey to No.8. Is she going to obtain her wish?

Imran informs Toyah that he will be unable to see her for lunch because he is too preoccupied at work. When she gets at the office, Michael proposes she surprise him with a takeaway lunch, but Adam informs her that he hasn’t been in the office all day and went to the Rovers. Toyah embarks on an important assignment. What will she discover?

Kevin, Nina, and Asha are frustrated by Corey’s promotion to the first team and the fact that his anonymity is still preserved, and they feel that his County teammates should be informed of the truth about him.

Kevin requests that James have a private conversation with County’s management since the team deserves to know that they are playing alongside a murderer, but when that fails, Kevin intends to talk with the manager himself. Tim expresses his willingness to accompany him. Kevin believes that Corey’s expulsion from County will bring Abi home.

Nina is jittery as she prepares for her college interview. Roy prepares himself to give the newest Corey news.

Sally is enraged to see a local councillor park his car on the street before catching a tram, despite her concerns about local traffic.



Outside the stadium, Tim and Kevin confront County’s manager, but Bob quickly reminds them that Corey was acquitted in a court of law. Stefan arrives at the garage to warn Kevin about his attempts to smear Corey’s reputation at County. Seeing his pal’s distress, Tim advises him to put justice for Abi aside and concentrate on his relationship with Jack. Tim informs Nina that Kevin is a broken man and that they both need to back down for their own sanity’s sake, but is Nina willing to give up the fight?

Imran informs Toyah that he stayed at Sabeen’s residence the night before the trial but that nothing happened. Sabeen supports him but is fascinated because she knows he didn’t spend the night there. Sabeen expresses her expectation that he will reconsider working on Harvey’s appeal. When Toyah apologizes for communicating to Sabeen behind Imran’s back, he feels terrible. Imran swallows his shameful secret while Toyah argues for complete transparency in the future.

Audrey refuses to be pressured into having an eye exam and tells Gail flat out that all of her organs are in fine working order.

Nina awkwardly reminds Asha that she only sees her as a mate. Asha is quick to state that she is completely satisfied with the outcome. When Asha breaks into tears, horrified that Nina doesn’t want her, Aadi is taken aback. Aadi advises that she go on a date with someone else. Sally tries to persuade Fergus to join her cause, citing the possibility of sending penalty letters once residents’ parking is enforced.

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