Coronation Street spoilers: Carla’s terror as Ryan unleashes violent rage on her

In forthcoming Coronation Street episodes, Carla Connor (Alison King) finds herself in a terrifying and awkward situation after Ryan Connor (Ryan Prescott) brutally loses his fury inside the flat.

Due to the stress of his acid attack and his steroid addiction, Ryan’s emotions and hormones are out of control.

While Ryan was in Ireland, he began buying steroids covertly. He went back and kept taking them because he believed that altering his outward look would improve his mental state.

Ryan chooses to start using his social media account to get money after realising that he has pay the rent.

After setting up a drink with Daisy (Charlotte Jordan), Ryan learns that she intends to move in with Daniel (Rob Mallard), which causes him to question his love for her.

Ryan logs onto O-Vidz (a website similar to OnlyFans) from his flat, makes a new profile, and uploads his first video.

He gets a message from a fan named Liv, and when he checks his account, he sees that his subscriber count is growing and that he is making a lot of money by posting intimate videos and pictures.

Ryan receives a message from a man named Guy towards the end of the week offering to pay for some intimate photos.

Ryan removes his top and poses for a few pictures, taking care to cover up his scars.

Later, Ryan sees a disparaging remark that simply mentions his wounded physique, and Carla advises him to disregard it.

Carla is horrified as Ryan loses his cool and throws a glass across the room, evidently fueled by testosterone.

Ryan Prescott told us, “I think at this point, he can’t see a reality moving forward.”

He is unable to recognise it, and I believe this is the issue. He can’t identify who he is supposed to be inside his community, himself within his family, or society at large, which is why he has allowed himself to become so lost in the fitness and lost in the gratification of strangers’ compliments. That is something he no longer really sees for himself.

That kind of sets up the idea that he has lost the ability to recognise himself. He is therefore looking for it. I believe he is looking for it in the likes and remarks of total strangers. As long as no one can see him, it also enables him to maintain that distance from what he is doing.

He’s looking for a new truth for himself, is one thing that has always resonated with me.

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