Coronation Street spoilers: Car smash, Audrey hospital drama, Yasmeen in shock

In Coronation Street, Kevin Webster (Michael Le Vell) is having a blast as his rivalry with Stephen (Todd Boyce) blows out.

When the police become involved, Kevin realizes that he might have ruined his future with Abi (Sally Carman) and Abi while the guys are at war.

Yasmeen Nazir (Shelley King) is worried about Stu’s (Bill Fellows) history in another scene, especially after her companion suddenly snaps at her.

What is it that he wants her to keep from learning?

Monday July 25

A Bridge(t) too far

When Stu learns that Yasmeen has located Bridget’s address, he becomes enraged and scolds her for interfering.

However, Stu resolves to attempt after Kelly prods him to try and get in touch with Bridget.

When Stu gets to Bridget’s house and knocks on the door, she becomes alarmed and tells him to leave. Assuring her that he has never hurt anyone, Stu begs her to give him a chance.

What is Stu hiding when he apologizes to Yasmeen and claims it was the wrong address?

Stephen flirts with Yasmeen in the meantime, but she makes it obvious to Stu that she is interested in him and not Stephen.

Jack’s end-of-year presentation is something Kevin wants to attend, but Tyrone says Stephen’s Jag needs to be fixed first.

Jack is being teased at school and called a “Spanner” because both of his fathers are mechanics.

Kevin answers a call from school in the garage before leaving with a look like thunder. When Kevin learns that Jack punched Nathan, he is astonished.

Jack explains how Nathan made fun of him after learning that Tyrone had mistaken Tyrone for his father.

Aaron offers to take over the work on Stephen’s car knowing that Kevin has a lot on his plate, and Kevin is appreciative.

Jack says to Kevin at number 13 that he is not looking forward to Abi’s homecoming because he hardly has time for her already.

Fiz finally receives the signed annulment from Phill. When the family arrives home from a joyous dinner, Hope opens her tablet to discover a series of messages from a player by the name of Mad Dog. Sam thinks he likes her as they converse about Mad Dog on their walkie-talkies.

Billy is dismayed when Summer announces that she will not be attending university and would instead be looking for employment. Carla interviews her and extends the offer of a position as a PA after Jacob offers to speak well of her at the factory.

Audrey is visited by Becky, the hospital liaison for psychiatry, who gently questions Audrey about why she took so many sleeping pills.

Audrey is happy to receive a call from Stephen alerting her that he has returned as she leaves the hospital. When Ed reveals that he saw Audrey at the hospital, Sarah is worried in the Rovers.

Wednesday July 27

Kevin goes car-azy

As Kevin tries to impress Chloe, the social worker who is questioning him about Abi and Alfie, Jack is grumpy. Aaron fixes the car, and Stephen takes it up. However, the automobile breaks down shortly after, and Stephen returns to yell the odds.

Kevin is left to handle Stephen when Aaron answers a call and needs to go right away. Jack and Abi contact Stephen’s mobile phone as Kevin begins working on his car, and Stephen threatens to move his business elsewhere.

When the pressure finally gets to Kevin, he loses his fury and starts wrecking Stephen’s car with a wrench.

Abi phones at number 13 and tells Kevin how much she is looking forward to returning home tomorrow while throwing her arms around him. Kevin hides his fear.

a worried Work at the facility begins in the summer. While Sally tries to put Summer at ease, Beth makes crude remarks.

Aaron shows Summer his bruises and explains that he was jumped on by some boys on the way home. Astonished is Summer.

Stu is thrilled to see Glen as he rings into Speed Daal on the phone. Glen acknowledges that he is starving but also poor.

Yasmeen plays along while Stu inserts a £20 bill into the register from his pocket.

Yasmeen praises Stu’s generosity. Yasmeen thinks it’s a great idea when Stu offers that they give away all the restaurant leftovers to those in need for a pittance. Dev, Billy, Chesney, Nina, and Yasmeen are called to a meeting by Stu to discuss their plans for the leftover food.

A contrite Audrey tells Nick in the restaurant that she’s sorry for upsetting everyone since she realizes they had good intentions, but she genuinely doesn’t want to reopen the salon.

Ronnie proposes Debbie hold themed nights at the cafe after she says she’s having trouble raising the money for Ed. Leanne frowns as Debbie posts signs outside the bistro promoting “Psychic Night” and “Casino Night.”

Friday July 29

Tim’s a tosser

After enduring yet another night of Tim’s tossing and turning, Sally is worn out. Sally is overjoyed when Tim recommends that they dress up and go to the bistro’s “Casino Night” event.

Kevin is startled to see two police policemen at the door as he gets ready for Abi’s homecoming. Can Kevin protect Abi from knowing what happened?

When Aaron tries to make a move during their alone time, Summer pulls him away and tells him to leave. Later, Summer runs into Aaron in Victoria Garden and confesses her love for him but her reluctance to let him see her naked body. What will he do?

Leanne is concerned that Debbie and Ronnie are just taking advantage of helpless people by defrauding them of their hard-earned money as they prepare the cafe for “Psychic Night.”

Debbie tells Ronnie how bad her financial situation is and that her only options are filing for bankruptcy or working in the insurance industry.

Ronnie promises her it won’t happen. When Debbie overhears Ryan telling the psychic that he is broke and in debt up to his ears, she comes up with a scheme.

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