Coronation Street spoilers: Bernie Winter framed by doppelganger Fern in robbery plot

Legendary Bernie (Jane Hazelgrove) of Coronation Street received the shock of her life when Fern (Gabrielle Glaister) barged into her life and accused her of stealing her coat.

Since then, the two have developed a strange bond that has led Bernie to relapse into her life of crime and, in some instances, to mimic Fern. Their shenanigans, though, are about to come to an end when Bernie is duped by Fern and left to pay the price.

According to confirmed spoilers, Ryan Connor (Ryan Prescott) starts browsing Bernie’s record collection.

Soon after, he notices a white-label promotional disc and becomes enthusiastic, telling Bernie that she might be in possession of a valuable item.

While Fern goes an interview with an upscale cleaning company under the guise of Bernie, Bernie and Fern are once again up to their shenanigans elsewhere.

When Fern arrived for her cleaning shift at the jewelry store, the company made her an immediate job offer after being pleased with her interview.

When Fern’s shift is over, the owner assumes she is Bernie and sends Fern to lock up the store by herself before Walters (NAME) leaves for lunch.

Fern robs the store blind because she can’t help herself and knows she will get away with it because she is dressed as Bernie.

As she leaves the rear of the store, she takes off her Bernie suit since she knows she will get away with it.

Bernie is informed that she is being arrested on suspicion of theft as Dev Alahan (Jimmi Harkishin) and she return to No. 5 by a police officer.

When the police officer shows Bernie the CCTV evidence showing her robbing the jewelers at the police station, Bernie quickly realizes that Fern has been framing her.

Bernie defends herself by sticking to her tale and attempting to persuade the police that Fern stole her clothes and took the cleaning job in her name before stealing the jewelers.

Will Bernie be successful in persuading Dev, Dev’s family, and the police that she is telling the truth?

Bernie offers Fern’s number to the police in an effort to clear her record, but is disappointed when she says they were unable to get in touch with her.

In the event that more information is obtained, their investigation will continue, but will Bernie be punished for something she didn’t do?

Bernie’s family started to worry that she was working too hard and would revert to her previous behavior under the strain.

Her family has been trying to make ends meet, especially with the children living there, so she has been desperate to find money elsewhere.

For a while, outsourcing the issue appeared to be a solution, but now that Fern has carried the plan too far, Bernie is in more difficulty than ever.

Will her family go looking for Fern to rescue Bernie if they come to believe the truth?

Has she permanently destroyed her chances of getting Dev?

Given that Bernie is the only person to have seen and interacted with Fern, Bernie’s family has been skeptical about whether Fern is a genuine person or someone that she has been dreaming.

Has Bernie been seeing Fern in his head all along? If so, she might be going through a serious health crisis.

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