Coronation Street spoilers: Bernie and Dev celebrate huge lottery win with a dubious party

Informing Billy and Paul that cell phones are not permitted, Summer gives them a Polaroid camera for their stag party. Paul is overjoyed.

When they enter the Bistro, Billy is surprised by the abundance of glitter and rainbows, but Paul adores it. Billy starts to unwind as Gemma runs the drinking games.

The cops arrive at No. 7 and want Bernie to provide some information in connection with what they believe to be a fraud investigation involving Shelly.

Bernie presents herself at the station as merely assisting a young woman with MND by gathering a few packages for her. Bernie, though, is in for a shocking revelation from the cops, and Paul is in disbelief.

Ed struggles when their site manager Neil recommends they place a bet on when the digger will arrive. To watch the game, the guys congregate in the Rovers. Ed is very tempted by Neil’s suggestion that they have a flutter.

Aadi offers Courtney contribute to the home expenses in another instance at Dev’s request. The evasive Courtney.

George again makes snide comments about RestEasy today while Todd gets ready for work. Todd fakes a smile while privately dreading the moment Troy informs him he’s promised a client a service they can’t provide and wants him to give the terrible news.

Finally, a subscriber to O-Vidz sends Ryan a message offering to pay more for a live video.

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