Coronation Street spoilers: Audrey Roberts in overdose horror as son Stephen makes a shock return

Audrey Roberts will be back in the hospital the next week after bouncing back from a recent mishap.

It also becomes clear that she overdosed as her son Stephen Reid rejoins Coronation Street.

In recent scenes of the ITV drama, the Weatherfield stalwart played by Sue Nicholls gave soap fans a scare when she was found under a motorcycle at the barbershop.

Stephen Reid, her son, who is once again being portrayed by Todd Boyce, saved her at the last minute and quickly became one of her main sources of support.

As he seizes control of his mother’s financial resources, the main character alienates members of his own family and might even be concealing a serious secret.

However, following a major family argument, Stephen recently abandoned Audrey to her own devices.

After realizing that his return had altered the dynamic of the entire family, Stephen made the decision to return to Milan, and Audrey was admitted to the hospital without the knowledge of her loved ones.

The hospital psychiatry liaison officer Becky stops by the hair salon next.

Becky discovers Audrey has taken too many sleeping pills by gently interrogating Audrey.

After leaving the hospital, Audrey is relieved to hear from her son Stephen by phone, telling her that he has returned to the cobbles.

The rest of Audrey’s family, meanwhile, is still in the dark about what she has been through.

This quickly changes as Sarah, Audrey’s granddaughter (played by Tina O’Brien) in the Rovers, expresses concern after Ed Bailey admits he saw Audrey in the hospital.

Later scenes at the Bistro show an embarrassed Audrey telling her grandson Nick (Ben Price) that she is sorry for upsetting everyone because she knows they were only trying to do them good.

She then acknowledges that she has no desire to reopen her hair salon.

The Platts decided it would be a good idea to enter into a contract with Debbie Webster, a local businesswoman, to reclaim Audrey’s old salon.

During the ceremonies for her birthday, which she hadn’t really wanted, she was told this.

Gail, her daughter, had called her later after noticing she wasn’t acting like herself, but Audrey neglected to inform her that she was in a hospital bed at the time.

Was Audrey’s overdose an accident, and what is she concealing?

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