Coronation Street spoilers: Audrey Roberts hides huge health issue in secret visit to hospital

Following her near-death experience, AUDREY Roberts was discharged from the hospital, and her family now thinks she is in good standing.

They had no idea that the stalwart of Coronation Street, who will be seen in the hospital the following week, is actually concealing another health secret.

Audrey Roberts (played by Sue Nicholls), a real Weatherfield legend, made her debut on the cobbles in 1979.

Coming soon, the 82-year-old birthday of the hairdresser everyone has grown to know and care about.

Her daughter Gail Platt (played by Helen Worth) explains that she has reserved a table for a family supper to honor the occasion.

Meanwhile, David Platt (Jack P. Shepherd) has also made the decision to surprise Audrey, his grandmother.

Audrey dismisses them, saying that she doesn’t have any plans to eat with the family.

She informs them that she won’t be going, but can Gail and David convince her otherwise?

It seems the mother and son team is successful in persuading Audrey to acknowledge her birthday, even in a small way.

The family even brings Audrey along to show her their surprise and let her know they’ve signed a lease with Debbie Webster, reclaiming ownership of her former salon.

Audrey is obviously not impressed by the celebrations, despite the kind gesture.

And in later moments, when Gail calls her mother in concern over her behavior, everything comes to a climax.

Audrey reassures her that getting a good night’s rest might be all she needs to feel like herself once more.

She regrettably forgets to tell Gail that she is actually laying in a hospital bed.

What does Audrey have hidden?

ITV viewers are already aware that Audrey was hospitalized following a barbershop mishap.

When Elaine, Brian, and her son Stephen Reid returned to the cobblestones after more than ten years gone, they discovered the hairdresser lying beneath a motorcycle.

After the incident, she gave him control over her funds, and scenes have suggested that he might be concealing something.

Could he be aware of Audrey’s unidentified health issue?

Will she tell her family the truth about it?

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