Coronation Street spoilers: Audrey makes shock decision following suicide attempt

Will this aid her in overcoming her depression?

Audrey makes a significant decision concerning her future, according to fresh Coronation Street spoilers for the coming week.

Audrey has been making an effort to act normal ever since she just made an attempt at suicide.

But when Dr. Gaddas advises taking antidepressants tonight (Wednesday, August 10), Audrey realizes she might need some support.

In Coronation Street, what happened to Audrey?

Next week, Audrey will share what happened with her pals, but she then suddenly changes her mind about the future.

Audrey was spotted by viewers last month in the hospital after abusing sleeping drugs. Medical professionals and viewers are aware that she has made an attempt to claim that what happened was an accident.

Her family is unaware of what actually occurred in the meantime.

Audrey will ultimately acknowledge that her overdose was a suicide attempt when she goes to lunch with her friends Roy, Rita, Claudia, and Ken the following week.

According to Audrey, a neighbor called an ambulance after noticing something was wrong and raising the alarm.

She will admit to hiding her genuine emotions.

Audrey shares with the group of friends that she misses her late husband Alfie and has been feeling hopeless and depressed as they talk about getting older. She eventually started drinking as a result.

Coronation Street spoilers highlight Audrey’s major choice.

She decides she will return to the salon after all because she wants to regain control of her life.

As a surprise birthday gift for Audrey, her family leased the ancient building from Debbie. She was disappointed, though, and argued that it wasn’t what she had in mind.

After some consideration, she realizes that that is what she wants, so she starts the process.

She, however, has huge ideas.


Is everything really okay as she pours money into the situation and designs a makeover without cutting any corners?

According to teasers on Coronation Street, Stephen learns Audrey’s plans from Rita and Ken and believes they know something he doesn’t.

Audrey lies while he prods her for the truth. Audrey dismisses it as nothing more than a minor health concern that wasn’t important enough to mention.

Stephen believes Audrey should sign the trust fund paperwork now, but he is still unconvinced.

She insistence that there is no urgency leaves him plainly dissatisfied.

It’s evident that Audrey and Stephen are both keeping terrible secrets, but will either one come clean?

Sue Nicholls on the plot of Audrey’s story

Sue Nicholls, a star of Corrie and Audrey’s longtime portrayer, said of the plot: “Audrey is very regretful for what she has done and undoubtedly her first instinct was to keep it from her family.

Despite the occasional sniping, family is and always will be extremely important to her.

Sue went on to say that her family was occupied with their own affairs.

She feels that they have started treating her a little bit like a child and she started to feel unhappy since they interpret her upset and down moments as her inability to cope with the real world.

Although she is often in great health and with herself, her despair seems to take over completely.

Talking is healthy.

Sue believes that viewers will see the importance of communication once Audrey confides in her friends.

She stresses “the value of being able to express your feelings to someone you trust.”

“The younger generation may occasionally believe that anyone over the age of 70 is incapable of making decisions, which can cause older people to lose their sense of purpose and feel quite useless.

I do hope that this storyline encourages older people to start sharing their feelings with younger people and makes them aware of how much the older generation still has to offer, she continues.

This plot line coincides with the most recent Britain Get Talking campaign, part of ITV’s larger mental health effort, which aims to inspire people to take care of their mental health by interacting with others.

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