Coronation Street spoilers as Paul gets grave news and Daisy’s unnerved by Ryan

After being caught off guard by his degeneration following his Motor Neurone Disease diagnosis, Paul Foreman in Coronation Street will get more distressing news the following week. Summer Spellman gives Paul and Billy Mayhew a Polaroid camera for their stag do at the beginning of the week and emphasizes that cellphones are not allowed.

Later, as they reach the Bistro, Paul is overjoyed. Billy finds the sparkles and rainbows surprising, but Paul adores them. Gemma Winter-Brown quickly begins the drinking games, and Billy soon begins to unwind.

However, just as the partying begins, the cops arrive at No. 7 and inform Bernie Winter that they need her to provide some information in connection with a possible fraud probe involving Shelly Rothington.

Bernie presents herself at the station as merely assisting a young woman with MND by gathering a few packages for her. Bernie, though, is in for a shocking revelation from the cops, and Paul is in disbelief.

After opening out to Todd Grimshaw, Paul begs him to keep his assisted dying plan a secret. At the end of the week, Paul meets with George Shuttlewroth to discuss Shelly’s funeral plans and shares some things he’s written about her that he’d like buried alongside her remains.

George makes snide comments about RestEasy in the background while Todd gets ready for work.

Todd fakes a grin while secretly dreading Troy’s request for him to give the terrible news to a client that they have been promised a service they cannot provide. However, as Todd acknowledges that RestEasy isn’t for him, Mary Taylor encourages him to speak with George, and Todd soon goes to beg George for his previous position back.

A message from an O-Vidz subscriber wanting to pay extra for a live video splits Ryan Connor in two in another scene. Ryan is later reminded by Carla Connor that his first shift at Underworld is about to begin.

Ryan begins to pack but stops as a message appears on his O-Vidz from a man asking for a personal film. Ryan then quickly runs to the bathroom to send the man some nude pictures. Ryan makes a choice, though, after hearing that they just want a live video and will pay £500 in response to his message.

As Peter Barlow wonders what Ryan will do for work at the end of the week, Ryan assures him that his exercise DVDs are finally starting to pay off. With the stakes raised, a tense Ryan accepts a call and engages in sexual conversation with the person who messaged him.Peter overhears and informs Carla that since he overheard Ryan having phone sex, it makes sense that he spends so much time in his room. Uneasy from listening, Daisy approaches Ryan and inquires as to what is going on.

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