Coronation Street spoilers: Alya goes behind Stu’s back to catch ‘killer’ Lucy

The following week’s Crowning liturgy Road spoilers uncover that Alya goes despite Stu’s good faith to track down verification that his ex, Lucy, is the real killer.

She does a DNA test to see if Lucy was the person who killed Charlie, regardless of Stu not having any desire to seek after his case further.

Is Lucy the genuine killer in the following week’s Royal celebration Road spoilers?

Stu doesn’t want to pursue his case anymore

Bridget allows Stu to meet his granddaughter Eliza in Speed Daal, which delights him.

In any case, his satisfaction is all sucked away when his ex Lucy appears and advises her little girl to take Eliza and leave.

Somewhere else, Alya is educated by Stu’s specialist, Dee, that Stu’s DNA was mysteriously gone on Charlie’s sack.

Be that as it may, doing another DNA test would cost a ton.

Alya sees that Lucy, Bridget and Eliza are leaving Rate Daal and takes off to defy them.

She requests Lucy tell her what she’s stowing away yet Lucy doesn’t give her the data she wants.

Alya knows that the best way to effectively defend Stu is to get that sack retested.

Notwithstanding, Stu is determined that he would rather not seek after his case any further and simply needs to construct spans with his loved ones.

Will Alya tune in?

Alya neglects Stu’s wishes in Coronation Street spoilers

Stu’s advised Alya to drop it, yet she’s resolved to chasing after the case.

Dee tells her that she has the cash to do one more trial of the pack, so Alya imagines that Stu’s available.

Later on, Eliza turns up at Speed Daal to meet Stu, yet he hits up Bridget and Lucy to get her.

Alya thinks and reacts quickly and requests that they eat back at Yasmeen’s home.

They concur, offering Alya the ideal chance to snatch a cup that Lucy had tasted out of and give it to Dee for the test.

Dee’s ready and comes around for certain pieces of administrative work that need Alya’s mark.

Zeedan understands that Alya’s actually chasing after the case despite Stu’s good faith.

Dee has an awkward outlook on going on with the test however in the long run consents to do it so they will be ready in the event that Stu adjusts his perspective.

Will the test show that Lucy was the person who killed Charlie?

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