Coronation Street spoilers: Alya betrays Stu and makes a sly move in murder plot

Next week, Alya Nazir (Sair Khan), who is still keen to show Stu Carpenter (Bill Fellows) wasn’t responsible for Charlie Walter’s death, comes to a bit of a standstill when Stu decides he doesn’t want to continue the inquiry.

After spending a wonderful evening at Speed Daal with Bridget (Beth Vyse) and his granddaughter Eliza, Stu makes a decision.

Unfortunately, Stu’s ex-wife Lucy (Lynda Rooke) shows up and disrupts the proceedings.

Alya and Dee-Dee (Channique Sterling-Brown) are at number 3 getting ready to leave after learning that Charlie’s bag contained no evidence of Stu’s DNA.

Being aware that it will be costly to retest the evidence, Alya contacts Lucy and claims that she is withholding crucial details about Stu’s case.

Alya neglects to inform Dee-Dee that Stu doesn’t want to pursue the case when she tells Dee-Dee the following day that she has the funds for the test.

Eliza unexpectedly shows up to see Stu later, and Lucy and Bridget arrive in Speed Daal to pick her up.

Alya, with a plan formulating in her head, invites the family over for tea and then gives Dee-Dee the mug Lucy drank from. She is confident that if they have the mug analyzed, they would be able to determine if she is the real killer of Charlie.

This is a significant occasion, but it’s being handled cunningly.

Will the DNA analysis establish that Lucy murdered Charlie?

Or will it result in yet another failure?

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