Coronation Street spoilers: Abi Webster gets upsetting news about baby Alfie

Abi Webster of CORONATION Street receives some distressing news regarding her infant son Alfie next week.

Wendy Crozier made a comeback to Coronation Street last month to assist Abi in obtaining custody of her child, ten years after her last visit.

In following scenes, Abi is saddened when she learns Wendy went against her wishes.

When Abi visits Wendy, she observes suspiciously as she types on her laptop while the two of them converse.

Abi opens her laptop and furiously examines the notes Wendy has written on her after becoming certain that she has something to hide.

Abi admits to Wendy that she felt she was making progress with Alfie despite being clearly hurt.

Will Abi ever again lose her son?

Since his father Imran Habeeb passed away, Alfie’s future in Weatherfield has been uncertain.

In recent episodes of the ITV soap opera, Imran Habeeb had an unexpected demise, but as he did so, the future of his son Alfie was left uncertain.

This was mostly because of the solicitor’s unethical plotting against Abi Webster (played by Sally Carman), in which he paid private eye Ben to fabricate evidence against her in court.

The mechanic had a chance to win back her son last month when she discovered she needed to reapply for custody of Alfie and that the court was scheduled for the next day.

A dejected Abi informed her husband Kevin (played by Michael Le Vell) after receiving a call from the social worker that the best she can hope for is custody of Alfie but under the guidance of a foster carer.

Alfie is to be kept with Abi in a mother and child foster home while the latter is evaluated, the judge says.

Then Wendy, their foster care provider, is introduced to Abi.

And Wendy maintains her silence when Abi admits she is from Coronation Street.

In 1989, when the actress Roberta Kerr had an affair with Ken Barlow that caused him to divorce his wife Deirdre, she made her debut on the cobbles.

She married Christos Papadopoulos in 1991, but they subsequently divorced. She returned to Coronation Street in 2012 and tried to resume her relationship with Ken.

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