You are currently viewing Coronation Street SPOILERS: Aadi Alahan lies to dad Dev about his memory

Coronation Street SPOILERS: Aadi Alahan lies to dad Dev about his memory

Aadi Alahan will act as if he is unaware of his father’s existence. Dev has decided to let him die next week on Coronation Street.

Dev and his children, Aadi and Asha, were involved in an automobile accident that put their lives in jeopardy.

Dev just had enough time to save one of his children from a vehicle accident.

Despite Aadi’s pleas for assistance, Dev chose to save Asha instead.

Aadi had no choice but to do everything he could to save himself, and he did it with very minor injuries.

Dev, on the other hand, believes Aadi has forgotten about his unkind decision.

The following week, Aadi tells Summer that his father rescued Asha from the disaster but left him to die.

Dev offers Aadi the position of assistant manager across the Alahan empire, unaware of what Aadi knows and concerned about his son. What will Aadi’s reaction be?

Aadi Alahan’s tragic realization on Coronation Street
Summer is told by a distraught Aadi that Dev’s job offer is just his way of apologizing for abandoning him and that Asha has always been his favorite.

Dev is overjoyed when Aadi affirms that he wants to take the job offer and orders Asha to get the champagne from the fridge.

However, not everything is as it appears.

And it’s evident right away that this is the start of a long journey in which Aadi realizes he’s not Dev’s favorite.

“There’s a continuing plot concerning Aadi and Asha’s relationship and the difficulties between them as twins,” Corrie boss Iain Macleod hinted.

“Having one of the twins think to themselves, ‘I’m over here, when will anyone notice me?’ It felt like incredibly fertile ground and believable family drama.

“I believe anyone with a sibling will understand.”

“I adore that family,” he continued. I adore their individual and collective performances, so putting them in the middle of the week was partly due to that.

But it was also to develop a story that I believe would resonate with a lot of people throughout the country who have siblings.”

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