Coronation Street spoiler video shows horror moment Eliza is hit by a car

As we offer a video peek that depicts Eliza seriously hurt, there will be more terror on Coronation Street the next week.

Due to an ostensibly broken-down car, Dom’s new adversary, Stu Carpenter (Bill Fellows), has had enough of Dom disappointing Eliza.

Stu is obviously irritated but also a little bit cruel because he appears to forget that the subject of his aggressive ranting is a little child.

He launches into a tirade of criticism, calling Dom a liar for saying he couldn’t make the visit.

Eliza, who is obviously upset, defends Dom by claiming that Stu doesn’t have the foggiest idea who he is.

In response, Stu says her father doesn’t care about her; as she loses it, the realization dawns on him, and he apologizes.

But it’s too late; Eliza exits the vehicle and announces that she is going home.

A very fast automobile races around the corner, hitting Eliza to the ground with its wing mirror and putting her out cold as Stu chases after her in an attempt to make amends.

While the incredibly selfish driver flees the collision, a terrified Stu races to the scene.

There will be satisfaction that Eliza did not lose her life and that there is no permanent harm, but Stu’s resentment with Dom increases when Dom shows up with a plush toy in an effort to score points with his daughter.

It also operates.

Later in the week, when Eliza doesn’t show up, Stu gets a call from the school informing him that trouble has continued.

Eliza informs Stu that she fled alone and that this is now her home as he travels to Dom’s home.

Will Stu ever find common ground with Dom as he begins to fear losing Eliza?

In any case, the cops are quickly involved…

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