You are currently viewing Coronation Street spoiler: Abi gets more news

Coronation Street spoiler: Abi gets more news

The police give her an update.

Coronation Street Scene 10,325 – 10,326 | Airs Friday 14 May 2021 at 19:30 on ITV

Hour-long scene

A cop calls at Number 13 and breaks the news to Abi and Kevin that they’ve charged somebody and it would appear to be the assault was set off by Nina’s appearance.

As Kevin sees her out, Abi thinks about the news with mounting outrage.

Then, Laura calls at Imran and Toyah’s level and attests that whenever Kelly has been delivered, she’s coming to live with her as she needs her girl back. Imran is raging. At the point when Billy discovers that Summer didn’t turn up for school earlier today, he’s concerned.

Somewhere else, Michael and Ronnie see Ed off on his excursion to Birmingham. Ronnie a few happy agrees, yet Ed neglects to see the interesting side, and Ronnie feels vomited.

Ronnie trusts in Jenny how he needs to demonstrate to Ed how sorry he is, yet needs her assistance. Jenny welcomes Michael and Grace to The Rovers with the expectation of complimentary beverages to wet the infant’s head and clandestinely offers Ronnie a go-ahead.

Likewise today, in the bistro, Sam enthuses about Treasure Island, the book he’s reading for 11 or more. At the point when Daniel uncovers his preparation to be an English instructor, David recommends he could coach Sam. Daniel calls at No.8 for Sam’s English exercise. He’s shocked when Sam uncovers he’s set him a test to ensure he’s capable.

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