Coronation Street: Spider to betray Toyah after her killer confession?

In tonight’s episode of Coronation Street, the character Toyah admitted to Spider that she had killed her husband Imran (Tuesday, September 14).

She is unaware that Spider is a police officer working undercover, though.

Could he turn on her and reveal her confession to DS Swain?

Imran’s death on Coronation Street

Imran and Toyah had been through a lot of things together prior to Imran’s passing.

Toyah was shocked to learn that he had fathered a son with Abi Webster.

Nevertheless, she made the choice to pardon him, and the couple later married and applied for custody of Alfie. They also made the choice to adopt Elsie, their foster daughter.

However, Imran hired Ben to claim that he spotted Abi, a drug user in recovery, purchasing narcotics, destroying her prospects of retaining custody of her baby.

Imran was eventually compelled to tell Toyah the truth while she was returning from the police station.

Imran admitted to lying about Abi just before the accident, and Toyah told him that she detested him.

A short while later, Toyah struck a structure with the car.

After saving Toyah from the collision, Imran immediately passed away from a heart arrest.

The lack of brake application shown by the police after their investigation made the collision appear intentional.

They also realized Toyah had deleted a voicemail Imran had left before getting in the car.

Spider, Toyah’s ex-boyfriend, quickly returned to Weatherfield after she was charged with murder.

They just rekindled their relationship, but Imran’s mother Saira did not appreciate seeing them kissing.

She confessed to DS Swain that she thought Toyah had killed Imran in order to be with her new partner since she thought she had been cheating on him.

She made it apparent she knew him when she informed DS Swain that his name was Spider.

The exposed mystery of Spider and Toyah’s admission

Later, DS Swain approached Spider and admitted that he was a police officer working undercover.

Unless he provided her with information about Toyah, she also threatened to inform his handler of his relationship with Toyah.

In the events from tonight, Toyah spent time with the infant Alfie and, feeling terrible, apologized to him for taking his father away.

Toyah later admitted to Spider that she intentionally crashed the car, lied to the police, and had intended to kill Imran. Leanne, though, overheard her confessing.

Leanne questioned Toyah’s meaning when Spider stormed off.

Leanne was incensed that Toyah had lied to her as she described what transpired in the car with Imran.

But after speaking with Peter, she saw that Toyah wasn’t truly planning to murder Imran.

Spider, who was sitting on a bench at the time, rejected a call from Toyah. Will he be honest with DS Swain?

What will Toyah do next?

Toyah’s trial begins in court the following week. Will Spider, however, inform DS Swain of her confession?

Leanne and Toyah are both nervous as they enter the courtroom. However, Leanne encourages her to let her lawyer speak instead of saying something she’ll later regret.

In court, Adam and Kelly are called as witnesses as the prosecution’s lawyer depicts Toyah as a killer.

Next Toyah and Spider were allegedly having an affair behind Imran’s back, according to Saira, who testified in court. Then, Saira says she thinks Toyah intentionally killed Imran.

Leanne does her best to defend her sister, but Toyah chooses to speak out as she hears Leanne struggle with her guilt.

Later, the jury announces its decision. And what about Toyah?

Spider declares that he plans to remain on the street in the meanwhile. He consents to meet with DS Swain to talk about his position.

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