Coronation Street slammed with Ofcom complaints over acid attack scenes

Following the ITV soap opera’s Monday (March 27) episode in which Ryan Connor (Ryan Prescott) was attacked with acid by Justin Rutherford, Coronation Street has received 72 Ofcom complaints (Andrew Still).

After pursuing Daisy (Charlotte Jordan) for months, Justin intended for her to be the unfortunate victim of the terrible incident.

On the morning of her wedding, he approached Daisy from the darkness of the tavern.

Justin began to hurl sulphuric acid in Daisy’s direction after remarking that nobody would desire Daisy after what he was about to do.

While seeing the altercation, Ryan hurriedly jumped in front of Daisy, and his skin soon began to burn.

While many Coronation Street viewers thought the horrible ordeal shouldn’t have broadcast before the watershed, others gave the scenes high acclaim.

72 viewers responded to Ofcom with their opinions, believing it was indeed too much to air.

The independent regulator will analyze the issue before opening a probe, although it is not required to do so.

Coronation Street’s scenes did not violate any rules, even if an investigation is launched.

The episode ended with a sad Ryan lying in bed with some of his face and upper torso covered in bandages, with nothing to do but despair for what his future might hold now that this horrific incident has changed his life forever.

According to Ryan Prescott, at this point, the man is beginning to realize that nothing will ever be the same.

He is attempting to grasp onto everything in his life that will enable him to ignore reality, and he is doing so by reaching out and doing so. He instinctively reaches out in desperation as he sees opportunities like his connection with Alya and the chance to visit Ibiza slipping away from him.

“I believe he is aware of the stages of acceptance and denial,” I said. He begins to realize the seriousness of what has happened slowly.

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