You are currently viewing Coronation Street set for double exit as heartbreaking secret rocks Weatherfield?

Coronation Street set for double exit as heartbreaking secret rocks Weatherfield?

Fans of CORONATION STREET may have to say goodbye to two cherished characters as one inhabitant fights to keep a major secret hidden.

Georgia Taylor’s character Toyah Battersby suspects her lover Imran Habeeb (Charlie de Melo) of lying to her about his whereabouts on the night of Kelly Neelan’s (Millie Gibson) verdict. Will Toyah depart Coronation Street when Sabeen Habeeb (Zora Bishop) threatens to expose the layer, or will Imran come clean and accompany her to avoid his ex-wife?

Sabeen will offer Imran to join her on a big appeal case that could assist his career in the coming scenes.

He is shocked, however, to learn that Harvey Gaskell (Will Mellor) is the defendant.

He refuses to participate, but Sabeen reminds him of what he did the night Kelly was found guilty.

But Sateen is taken aback when Imran denies her offer and informs her that no matter how much money she offers, he would not aid Harvey.

Imran is afraid that his ex-wife will blackmail him into working for the notorious drug lord.

When Kelly’s sentencing day arrives, Imran and Toyah are terrified.

Imran makes a speech in Kelly’s defense, pleading with the judge to consider the teen’s traumatic childhood.

Will the judge be merciful, or will Kelly face a significant prison sentence?

When Kevin Webster (Michael Le Vell) sees Sabeen in the court lobby, he is upset with her for allowing Corey Brent (Maximus Evans) to walk free.

Meanwhile, Gary Windass (Mikey North) tells Toyah that on the night of Kelly’s verdict, he observed Imran heading into a brad.

Toyah is embarrassed to learn that her boyfriend lied to her, and she fights the desire to link his betrayal to his ex-girlfriend.

Toyah, on the other hand, panics when she sees Imran and Sabeen together and fears the worst.

Sabeen, unbeknownst to her, threatens her ex-husband by reminding him of how she assisted him in lying.

Toyah returns home and asks her lover whether he’s having an affair with Sabeen.

Imran confesses he slept the night at his ex-residence, wife’s but insists they had no contact.

Will Toyah believe him, or will she opt to leave Weatherfield behind?

Sabeen believes Imran’s narrative, but is surprised to hear that he continues to lie about his location.

She is aware that he did not spend the entire night with her and asks him to reconsider working on Harvey’s plea.

Will Imran put his guilt aside and focus on the drug dealer’s case in order to protect his secret?

Meanwhile, Toyah apologizes to the lawyer for speaking to Sabeen behind his back, making the lawyer feel even worse.

Imran might realize he’s been cornered and tell Toyah the truth on the condition that they depart Weatherfield together.

Will the pair depart to avoid being caught up in Harvey’s appeal, or is it possible that Imran is having an affair with Toyah?

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