Coronation Street Samia Longchambon’s ‘surprising’ milestone age and famous husband

For Samia Longchambon, this week has been significant.

For her portrayal of Maria Connor on Coronation Street, the soap opera star is well-known.

She became a regular cast member of the ITV soap opera in 2000 and has remained so ever since.

Maria recently started a political career in the show and prioritized environmental issues.

Due to the increased burden caused by the environmentally beneficial decision, bin employees have gone on strike.

Maria gave a passionate speech about recycling to win over the workers, but this backfired when a troll turned a video of the speech into a rap song.

When a convincing false video was created to give the impression that she had appeared in a pornographic movie, the harassment got worse.

Since then, Maria has been the focus of a stalker, and she is going through a difficult period at Weatherfield while living in fear.

Fortunately, Samia’s experience away from the Cobbles has been much less dramatic as she celebrated her 40th birthday with a nice vacation.

She posted pictures of the serene getaway to Instagram and advised followers: “I had a great last weekend in my thirties. We appreciate your surprise trip, @slongchambon; it was wonderful!”

Samia expressed her gratitude to Sylvain Longchambon, her husband, for planning her birthday celebrations. The dancer has also established a lucrative career in show business.

In 2012, Samia was partnered with the professional skater on Dancing on Ice. The couple’s romance developed, and in 2015 they were wed.

Yves Josphe Longchambon is the couple’s only child, and Samia has previously stated that she thinks her late father was responsible for introducing her to her husband.

She declared: “I believe in angels and I always assume my dad sent Sylvain to me” while appearing on Loose Women.

Samia explained to OK! how she attributes her young appearance to her dad’s Lebanese ancestry. She said: “My dad didn’t actually have wrinkles when he died at age 65.

I take pride in my looks and am fortunate to be wrinkle-free, but I can tell I seem older in the mornings since it takes longer for my face to awaken.

To prevent gray hairs, “I have to get my roots done every month.” The soap star added that she thinks Corrie’s accelerated filming schedule has sped up her life.

I’m still 20 in my thoughts, so it’s not the number 40 I’m worried about, she continued. “We usually film six weeks ahead – we shoot Christmas sequences in October!”

This week, fans have flooded Samia’s social media pages with appreciation for her youthful appearance while expressing shock. You certainly don’t look 40, a fan remarked.

Ian also said “The last weekend you have left in your 30s. You look to be around 28.”

You look so young, Sue wrote. Kirsty then remarked, “40! You seem more 20.”

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