Coronation Street: Ryan Connor embarks on steamy affair with Debbie Webster

The following week on Coronation Street, Ryan is arrested after an insurance scheme with Debbie fails.

ITV spoilers have revealed that the businesswoman gives Ryan instructions to simulate a break-in so she can file an insurance claim. The couple has been under pressure to pay off their rising debts.

Could Ryan be carrying out Debbie’s directives while they are having an affair?

Following his accident at her hotel, Debbie must provide Ed Bailey (Trevor Michael Georges) compensation money.

She suggested they attempt insurance fraud in an effort to pay off their obligations because she was aware that Ryan was having financial difficulties.

Debbie gives Ryan the go-ahead to create a break-in in upcoming scenes at The Bistro so she may use the insurance.

Ryan is adamant that they must carry out the risky plan even when Debbie has second thoughts and attempts to scrap it.

As Casino Night gets started, Ryan informs Debbie he’s going to blow the fuse and take the cash out of the safe.

The Bistro is abruptly plunged into darkness, and Debbie grudgingly aids Ryan’s scheme.

As patrons leave The Bistro to go to The Rovers, Ryan conceals the cash in his gym bag.

He hastily conceals, but is startled by Leanne Battersby’s (Jane Danson) appearance.

Coming out of concealment, Ryan tells Leanne he has just arrived while holding his bag of stolen money.

Later, she returns to the bar to inform the patrons that Casino Night is returning.

Debbie is reassured by Ryan that all the money is hidden in his bedroom where no one would discover it.

Debbie instructs Ryan to call the police after Leanne discovers the money has disappeared following the themed event.

Ryan and Debbie subsequently learn that the CCTV in The Bistro has a backup circuit and won’t have been impacted by the power outage, much to their chagrin.

Leanne can clearly see Ryan committing the robbery when she replays the video.

Ryan is detained on theft charges, and Debbie is then charged with running an insurance scam.

After an interview with cops, he subsequently calls Debbie from the police station and threatens to drop her in it.

But given his affection for Debbie, will he find it difficult to involve her in the situation?

Following their recent bonding, have the two been romantically connected with one another?

Will Ryan admit to the police that some shady persons threatened to kill him and forced him into the robbery?

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