Coronation Street reveals who Michael Bailey’s biological father is

Coronation Street reveals who Michael Bailey’s biological father is

Michael Bailey’s biological father has been revealed thanks to the findings of his DNA test, which he obtained from Coronation Street.

Ronnie (Vinta Morgan), Michael’s (Ryan Russell) uncle, recently arrived in Weatherfield and promptly dropped a bombshell, revealing to Michael that he may be his biological father, as he had a relationship with Michael’s mother, Aggie (Lorna Laidlaw), before she married Ronnie’s brother, Ed (Trevor Michael Georges).

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Coronation Street Michael vowed that he would always consider Ed to be his father, but his bewilderment over the discovery prompted him to take a DNA test to determine the truth once and for all.

In tonight’s hour-long episode, Michael was feeling edgy as he awaited the results of the test in the post and he was quick to bundle Ed out of the door.

When Ronnie called round, Michael told him in no uncertain terms that he wasn’t welcome, telling him that it was too late to be apologising for upsetting him.

Michael confessed to his brother James (Nathan Graham), who was nervously sitting on the edge of his sofa, that he had gone ahead with the DNA test and was waiting for the results. James was unimpressed, telling Michael that Ed would always be his father, regardless of what happens, but he offered his brother his support.

Michael looked at the envelope with trepidation as it arrived, unable to open it.

When the envelope arrived, Michael stared at it, unable to open it, and told James, “If this says Uncle Ronnie is my father, it messes up everything.”

After Michael turned down James’ advice to burn or tear up the data, James offered to open the envelope for him, which Michael reluctantly accepted.

As James read the article, Michael was nervous, and James couldn’t help but joke that the results had revealed Ken Barlow to be Michael’s father.

Fortunately for Michael, James finally revealed the truth – the DNA findings were negative, indicating that Ed is Michael’s biological father.

When Michael expressed his joy that Ed is, after all, his biological father, James responded,

“Of course he is – you didn’t need this piece of paper to tell you that,” James responded as Michael expressed joy that Ed is, after all, his biological father.

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Michael wanted to tell Ed the good news, telling him that he is, in fact, his father and not Ronnie.

When Ed told Michael that he didn’t think he’d go ahead with the test, Michael acknowledged that “it was eating away at me” and that he needed to know the facts.

“I really wish you hadn’t lied and done it behind my back,” Ed said. “Were you hoping Ronnie to be your father? Isn’t it true that I’m not good enough for you?”

Despite Michael’s insistence that Ed is indeed his father, Ed was visibly distressed.

Ed was obviously upset that Michael had gone behind his back, despite Michael’s insistence that he was overjoyed that Ed was his father. When Ronnie returned to the home, Ed declared that Michael was certainly his son and not Ronnie’s, and he was thrown out.

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