Coronation Street reveals new story for Ruby Dobbs as role is recast

Next week, viewers will see a new actress playing Tyrone Dobbs’ daughter Ruby in a new plot on Coronation Street.

As the neighborhood children continue to attend Little Big Shotz sessions at the community center, Ruby squares off against her older sister Hope.

Hope boldly practices her solo in front of Ruby at home in the ensuing scenes.

Hope is extremely explicit in saying that she absolutely anticipates getting the lead role in the Little Big Shotz summer production.

Later, at the community center, Glenda Shuttleworth reveals that Ruby has landed the lead role, throwing a wrench in the plans.

Hope, Eliza, and Ciara will all serve as Ruby’s backup dancers as a result.

Ruby is happy by the news, but Hope is obviously not.

The moments also signal a change in Ruby’s personal life because Macy Alabi is no longer playing the part. Ruby will now be portrayed by show rookie Billie Naylor.

According to Digital Spy, Macy, who has portrayed Ruby on Coronation Street since she was born in 2012, has departed the show since she is entering high school this year.

As all soap opera fans are aware, recastings of child characters are frequent for a variety of reasons, including the real-life actors’ obligations to their educational careers.

On Monday, August 7th, the first scenes starring the new Ruby will run on Corrie.

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