Coronation Street reveals Jenny Connor’s Rovers Return crisis isn’t over

The Rovers Return’s future may not be safe after all, according to Coronation Street.

Jenny Connor recently disclosed that the Rovers were in financial trouble, putting Weatherfield’s bar in jeopardy. However, the landlady was able to strike a last-minute agreement with Henry Newton, proprietor of the local brewery Newton & Ridley.

However, on tonight’s (August 18) episode, Debbie Webster stole a document pertaining to the brewery’s future, implying that the arrangement was not what it looked.

Debbie and Ronnie were discussing business ideas in the hotel bar when Debbie noticed local business owners Jason Waterford and Philip Newton walking in.

Ronnie was surprised that Philip wasn’t looking for builders to rebuild the pubs, and Debbie was skeptical of the document on the table in front of them.

“I’m telling you right now, something is definitely going down here,” she stated as she approached the table, pretending to serve Jason and Philip a bottle of wine.

Debbie spilt a drink on the table, took the document, and made a copy of it, so the contents of the document were no longer a mystery.

Debbie called Ronnie aside and said the document was a contract finalizing the sale of Newton & Ridley to Jason Waterford. What does this signify for the Rovers’ future?

Instead of informing Jenny, Debbie saw an opportunity to profit and persuaded Ronnie and Ed to invest their money in stocks so that Newton & Ridley might profit.

Ed was shocked to hear the proposal and declined to participate in insider trading, leaving Ronnie to carefully consider Debbie’s proposal.

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