Coronation Street reveals first look at Hollyoaks star guesting in Dee-Dee story

The former Hollyoaks star Calum Lill, who has been cast as duty solicitor Joel and is a character that would make Dee-Dee Bailey’s head spin, has appeared in first-look photos for Coronation Street.

Joel will ask Dee-Dee out for a drink in scenes that will air soon, claiming that he needs to consult with her about US law. While she is eager to spend time with him, she mistakenly believes that he wants to talk about law and pulls out her books, not realizing that he simply wants to go on a date.

Later on in the week, he drops the disguise and directly invites her to dinner, which makes her incredibly happy. She is, however, regrettably booked up for the following couple of evenings, and Joel is turned down.

After learning that Dee-Dee declined the invitation to go on a date, Adam Barlow makes the decision to manufacture a circumstance to get the two together.

According to Dee-Dee actor Channique Sterling-Brown, the new plot will show us a different side of the character than we’re used to seeing.

“We’re going to watch her embark on a little dating adventure. Fans will likely appreciate seeing her attempt to negotiate the chaos and excitement that make up her existence.

“She is completely in charge in the courtroom. We’ll soon witness her fight to resolve issues, which I think will be incredibly entertaining to watch. Due to her head being either in the clouds or in the courts, she has undoubtedly missed a ton of love prospects.

I believe it will be fascinating to see her sort through everything, enjoy herself, and prioritize her needs.

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