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Coronation Street reveals Audrey and Rita’s huge fight at Norris’ funeral

At Norris Cole’s (Malcom Helen) funeral in Coronation Street, old friends and occasional adversaries Rita Tanner (Barbara Knox) and Audrey Roberts (Sue Nicholls) go to fight!

Oh, no.

Roy Cropper (David Neilson) delivers an emotional reading of a special statement Norris had prepared for his goodbye service.

Norris reminisced about the excellent times they spent working in the Cabin with Rita, describing her as his “greatest friend he ever had,” while he indicated that they could’ve become more than pals.

Rita was irritated by her deceased friend’s comments, but that was soon forgotten when Norris decided to reveal a little-known fact in his speech.

Roy reads Norris’ speech and adds, ‘I’ll carry one secret to the cemetery with me.’ ‘I guarantee I’ll never tell anyone else that you used to get your hair colored at Claudia.’

Rita turns around in the church, knowing exactly how this revelation will play out, and locks eyes with Audrey.

Audrey is enraged, as expected!

‘I did expect this from you, Claudia!’ she exclaims. However, Rita!

‘You! Oh, thank you so much for spoiling my day!’ she exclaims before returning to her seat.

Rita is stunned into silence, but Audrey is chastised by Ken Barlow (William Roache), who is also present throughout the service.

He cries at her, ‘For the love of God, remember where you are!’

Norris raises problems one last time, and we have a feeling he’d enjoy what happens at his own burial.

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