Coronation Street plotting shock off-screen death to rock Weatherfield?

Viewers of Coronation Street will be aware that Dylan, who was dissatisfied with his life in London, is relocating to Weatherfield to live with Sean.

After experiencing bullying in London, Dylan had been seeing Sean and was yearning to stay with him at Eileen’s.

Dylan will be moving in with Sean after Sean called Dylan’s mother, Violet, to make arrangements.

Violet is less important now that Dylan is a long-term resident of Coronation Street.

Violet last appeared on Coronation Street when?

In 2004, Violet joined Coronation Street as a bartender at The Rovers.

Violet began a new connection with Jamie Baldwin after having a on and off relationship with Jason Grimshaw.

She began to worry, though, that Jamie was really gay and had emotions for Sean.

She had no idea that Jamie was having an affair with Frankie, Sean’s stepmother.

It was eventually revealed that Violet was carrying Jamie’s child after the couple split up.

She unfortunately experienced an ectopic pregnancy in 2007, and the child died.

Friends Sean and Violet made a drunken vow to get pregnant together because they both desired children and were single.

When Violet stated that she intended to raise the child independently, Sean was devastated.

In 2008, Jamie and Violet resumed their relationship, and secretly left for London without telling Sean.

Up until 2010, when Violet consented to allow Sean meet his kid, Sean would not have any involvement with the infant.

Can Violet pass away?

Since Violet hasn’t appeared on television in more than ten years and Dylan now lives with Sean full-time, a new fan theory contends that she might be killed off.

A fan’s prediction of “another off-screen death story coming for Violet” gave rise to the concept.

It wouldn’t be the first time a character on the show had died off-screen.

Norris Cole, a beloved character on the soap opera, was killed off-screen in 2021, and Kirsty Soames met a similar end.

In the soap opera universe, we can’t completely rule out Violet making a surprise appearance in the future.

In a few years, she might come back and take Dylan home.

What is next for Dylan and Sean?

In an effort to make his son happy, Sean has sacrificed his own needs in order to make time for him.

He even ended his relationship with Frank because he failed to recognize how crucial Dylan was to him.

The pressure is on now that Dylan is staying with him, though.

Can Sean handle becoming a parent full-time?

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