Coronation Street Phill heartbreak ‘sealed’ as fans predict Fiz and Tyrone reunion

As Fiz State gets ready for her wedding with her future husband Phil Jennings, Coronation Street viewers are confident that Tyrone Dobbs and they will reconcile.

Fans of Coronation Street are certain that Tyrone Dobbs and Fiz Stape will reconcile before her nuptials to Phil Jennings.

The feisty redhead got into a whole lot of problems on Monday’s trip to the ITV Cobbles when her prospective mother-in-law Mimi Halliday allegedly spilled wine on her lovely blush pink bridesmaid’s outfits.

Evelyn Plumer deduced from the awful disaster that the mother was trying to spoil the wedding in an effort to prevent her son from wed the northern lass.

Just days before their wedding, Fiz’s prospective husband Phil ran across his ex-wife Camilla in the village, which made her more anxious than before.

After telling her what a steal she was as a wife, the mechanic was called on by Fiz to reassure the bride-to-be that everything would go according to plan for her wedding.

Tyrone comforted her that Phil would be foolish to leave her for his ex-wife during their heart-to-heart conversation, saying: “Hey, you’ve nothing to worry about even with his ex sniffing around – the girl’s not stupid.

He is aware that the person he is getting married to is utterly fantastic, lovely, hilarious, and devoted. He’s won the lottery.

As they pleaded with the creators to reunite the two characters, fans flocked to Twitter to express their opinions about the dynamic duo.

“I know Tyronne messed up, but please put him and Fiz back together, they are so sweet #Tizz #corrie,” one user wrote in the comments section.

When will Fiz and Tyrone reconcile, please? a different person enquired. #Corrie.”

“Tyrone and Fiz scenes!” a third person echoed. To be honest, I miss them dating! #Corrie.”

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