Coronation Street newcomer left homeless as she rejects Roy Cropper’s help

In search of a new beginning, LAUREN Bolton returned to Weatherfield, but events have changed.

Sadly, after turning down Roy Cropper’s offer of assistance, the rebellious kid is left homeless in Coronation Street.

David Neilson’s portrayal of Roy Cropper, a soap opera star, is known for taking on characters who are having a hard time navigating the cobblestones.

After the passing of Underworld employee Hayley Cropper, Roy has grown close to Carla Connor and was recently seen caring for her.

Additionally, he was shown helping Fiz Brown during her own difficult times and giving erratic Becky Granger chance after chance.

However, it’s possible that the café owner overreached with Lauren Bolton (Cait Fitton).

The teen left the cobbles after joining Griff Reynolds’ far-right gang and came back in the hopes of rekindling her love with Max Turner when her relationship with her mother went awry.

However, Max has moved on and is trying to make a good impression on another girl named Sabrina.

He was horrified to discover Lauren destroying Audrey Roberts’ hair business in a fit of wrath after having tried to assist her in settling in Weatherfield.

When Lauren realized Max wasn’t into her, her anguish was too great to contain.

Max, who had been caught red-handed, convinced Lauren that he would honor his promises.

However, Max ultimately turned on Lauren, leaving her to deal with the police for her behavior and living on the streets while he continued to maintain his own life’s course.

On ITV the next week, the young man portrayed by Paddy Bever begins working there despite being warned by his father David Platt (Jack P. Shepherd) to stay well away from Lauren.

Roy, meantime, remains committed to supporting Lauren despite how sour things have recently become between them.

Lauren insists on taking care of herself, despite Roy’s attempts to get her housing through social services.

Will Lauren be able to take assistance?

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