Coronation Street newcomer Jodie Prenger reveals hidden link to Elsie Tanner star

Jodie Prenger, a newcomer to Coronation Street, has revealed a secret connection between her family and a cobblestones legend.

In August, theatre actress Jodie, who took first place on the BBC reality series I’d Do Anything, will appear in the ITV serial opera as Glenda Shuttleworth, George’s brother.

Jodie claimed in an exclusive interview with Daily Star and other media that her family was related to Elsie Tanner actress Pat Phoenix before she even set foot on the cobblestones.

She uttered: “My entire family returns to Mosside in Manchester.

“My nan’s brother used to deliver Pat Phoenix’s groceries, and they used to have a laundrette and a cafe shop/grocery store.

“My grandmother revered Elsie Tanner,” I said.

Jodie continued, when asked about joining the soap, “It truly is an honor to be part of an institution and a family when your family has loved something for so long.

“Truly, that is what it is about. A large, lovely family they are. I find it to be quite special.

Glenda is “a woman to be reckoned with,” according to Jodie, who added that the character was influenced by her nan.

She’s a bundle of energy, sass, and good times. A dream to play with, she

“I’ve based her on a lot of experience. I once worked on a cruise ship,” Jodie added.

The way my grandmother puts people in their place is very similar to hers.

However, Jodie admitted that when she first learned she had the role during a shopping trip to IKEA, she “scared” a lot of people. She will make her Coronation Street debut in August.

“I sobbed and yelled. God bless the woman who almost dropped a cactus!

“My mother emerged and started sobbing. Though I knew I couldn’t tell anyone, I desperately wanted to tell everyone.

“That day at IKEA, I scared a lot of people.”

On August 5, 2022, Jodie will make her Coronation Street debut as Glenda; the character will surprise George by sailing in from her job on a cruise ship.

Glenda will be “just looking out for her bro,” the actress said, adding that in addition to taking a job behind the bar at the Rovers Return, there will be additional fun to be had.

“She and Sean click right away, and a first friendship is born. Sean was undoubtedly a first-time friend “Jodie stated.

“With Mary, a genuinely enjoyable friendship has grown. Like a tag team, in a way.”

Added her: “I’ve been welcomed so warmly by everyone. I can never express my gratitude to you enough for it.”

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