Coronation Street newcomer Jodie Prenger curtsied to William Roache in awkward blunder

Jodie Prenger, a newcomer to Coronation Street, made a fool of herself by bowing to William Roache, a member of “soap royalty.”

The sassy sister of funeral director George Shuttleworth, Glenda, is played on the Street by the I’d Do Anything TV talent show winner.

The singer and actress admitted that it was intimidating to meet the cast for the first time, saying, “I have just met Bill Roache and I don’t know what I did with my body but it was like half a curtsy and I went to do a shake.

“It just didn’t work out and I just kind of made a weirdo of myself, but he was so lovely,” she said.

According to Jodie, joining Corrie was preordained.

My family is all from Moss Side in Manchester, the woman stated. My nan’s brother used to deliver Pat Phoenix’s groceries, and they used to have a café-cum-grocery. We adore it to the extent that.

“When your family has cherished something for so long, it truly is an honor to be a part of an institution and a family,” says my grandmother Terry Doyle. “My nan Terry Doyle admired Elsie Tanner.”

“I remember pulling up to the gates of ITV on my first day, and it seemed like I was at MGM Studios,” she continued.

“It was incredible. Disney World wasn’t something I required.

I had already arrived.

Fans will learn Glenda was a cruise ship employee who ended up working as a bartender for the Rovers.

Jodie continued, “I could feel the tears start to come down my face as I talked about the first time I got to film in the pub. You are unaware of the impact it has.

She also claims that the vibrant redhead persona reminds her of herself in minor ways. “There are tiny little things she says like “Are they eck as like” and “Oh, come on kid,” for example. It is something I say.

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