You are currently viewing Coronation Street murder as Abi Franklin recruits Seb’s dad to kill Corey Brent?

Coronation Street murder as Abi Franklin recruits Seb’s dad to kill Corey Brent?

CORONATION STREET’S Abi Franklin has suffered a lot of heartbreak this year and could soon have a dramatic reunion with someone from her past.

ITV soap fans have watched Abi Franklin (played by Sally Carman) struggle with grief ever since the death of her son Seb Franklin (Harry Visinoni) earlier this year.

Last week on Coronation Street, Abi was devastated after hearing Corey Brent (Maximus Evans) was found not guilty of Seb’s murder.

However, in upcoming scenes on the soap, Seb’s father will arrive on the cobbles.

Will Abi team up with her ex as she plots revenge against Corey?

In a recent interview, Abi actress Sally confirmed ex-EastEnders actor Stephen Lord had been cast in the role of Seb’s father.

The soap star revealed that she has already shot scenes with Stephen for Coronation Street.

However, Sally made it clear that their relationship is a tricky one as Abi isn’t a fan of Seb’s dad.

“He’s a jerk,” the actress declared. “I like how they handled it.”

Sally went on to tease what fans can expect when Seb’s father makes his dramatic debut on the show.

“There were more scenes we were supposed to do together – with me and Stephen Lord, who plays him – but they were re-written because I got sick,” she explained.

“It was good because the audience knows Abi doesn’t like him and doesn’t have time for him, but she simply knows he can help her with something non-emotional.”

“In the scenes that I have done so far, he’s trying to worm his way in and she’s like, ‘Do one.’

“It’s awesome when Corrie starts bringing in different characters. It elongates Abi even more, which I adore,” she told Digital Spy.

Seb was murdered in May after Corey and his buddies brutally attacked him and his girlfriend Nina Lucas (Mollie Gallagher) in a hate crime attack.

The murder trial came to a startling end last week, with Kelly Neelan (Millie Gibson) being found guilty while Corey was acquitted.

Abi broke down at Seb’s memorial garden on Friday night, as she struggled to deal with the trial’s terrible end.

Is it possible that Seb’s father may visit Coronation Street as a result of the murder trial’s conclusion?

After the court fails to deliver justice for Seb, he may wish to exact vengeance on Corey.

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