Coronation Street ‘living legend’ returns leaving many fans ‘absolutely ecstatic’

Fans of Coronation Street have declared themselves “ecstatic” after learning that Carla has returned to the street following her admission to a mental health facility.

Stephen drugged Carla covertly for weeks in retaliation for her demoting him at the factory. He started poisoning her drinks as part of a scheme to take over the entire company, which negatively impacted her health, according to the media.

After Stephen set a fire in her flat, which she was held responsible for starting, she became agitated, hostile, and unable to care for herself. As a result, she was eventually sent to a mental health facility.

She has been away from the cobbles for a few weeks, but tonight’s episode saw a dramatic return, much to Stephen’s chagrin. The reappearance of their favorite to create drama thrilled viewers, including one who exclaimed: “CARLA!! looking just as stunning as always.”

Another person remarked, “The living legend is back! Carla!!!” A third person exclaimed, “Queen Carla is back!” “Corrie have missed a trick,” the final comment continued, “if Carla doesn’t kill Stephen in self defense soon.”

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