Coronation Street ‘lines up explosive trial and wedding for Britain’s Got Talent final week’

This summer, Coronation Street is preparing for a volatile week. During the week of Britain’s Got Talent’s live finale, the ITV soap opera typically goes all out.

And it seems like this year won’t be any different. There have been hints at what is to come, albeit it is not yet clear if the soap would show at a post-watershed 9pm hour as it has in the past.

Coronation Street lines up big stories for Britain’s Got Talent final week

Two significant stories are coming to a climax, according to filming images obtained by Digital Spy over the past few weeks from on-location shoots. And it appears likely that they will take place at the end of May given that Coronation Street filming begins weeks in advance.

The long-awaited nuptials of Gemma Winter and Chesney Brown come first. The money provided to them by her twin Paul will be used to fund the couple’s wedding in a unique ceremony.

Viewers are aware that Paul Foreman is presently concealing his diagnosis of motor neurone illness. He still hasn’t told his family anything. Yet, will he attend the nuptials?

As the acid attack trial began, filming was also seen taking place at a courthouse. Justin, Daisy Midgeley’s stalker, appears in court for the horrifying assault he committed on Ryan Connor.

Will Justin’s guilt be determined? Or will he get away with torturing Ryan and Daisy?

When he shows up in court to enter a plea on the acid attack charges, the soap will go back to the plot the next week. Daniel attends Justin’s court appearance because Daisy is unable to do so and informs Daisy that Justin has entered a not guilty plea.

Coronation Street: Justin pleads not guilty

Daisy, who is upset, goes to the hospital to inform Ryan and Alya of the terrible development. Ryan admits that he worries about having to explain everything in court again.

Ryan confesses his love for Alya, who promises to stand with him throughout the ordeal and oppose Justin. Later, Daisy sends Crystal to visit Ryan in the hospital in an effort to divert his attention. He is happy to be talking about Ibiza instead of the acid attack.

He can now look at his face with confidence for the first time since the bandages were removed. Ryan, though, is upset and leaves the hospital when he realizes his new situation.

Can he be located? Will his loved ones be able to help him through this difficult time?

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