You are currently viewing Coronation Street lines return for James Bailey’s love

Coronation Street lines return for James Bailey’s love

Is Danny really involved in a relationship?

As James Bailey joined Coronation Street in 2019, he had a lot of major storylines to deal with, including coming to terms with his sexuality and attempting to launch a football career.

But he’s taken a step back lately because his brother Michael and uncle Ronnie have been dealing with their own problems.

Now, it seems that the soap may revive his relationship with Danny Tomlinson, which was linked to his coming out to his father Ed and openly as a footballer.

Actor Dylan Brady was seen on set this week in some recent Instagram images shared by Trevor Michael Georges (who plays Ed Bailey), so what could his comeback storyline be?

Danny didn’t leave on good terms with James and his family, accusing Ed of hypocrisy after his reaction to his sexuality was positive but hostile to his son.

Have the two stepped through the drama and are able to resume a proper relationship now that more than a year has passed?

Ronnie will be one of the soap’s major scandals next week, as Daisy Midgeley attempts to bribe him, before Danny’s comeback airs on television.

Coronation Street is shown on ITV on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday nights at 7.30 p.m. and 8.30 p.m., while episodes are also shown in a one-hour slot on Friday nights.

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