Coronation Street legend’s secret health battle revealed

One stalwart is painfully reminded that life in Weatherfield is frequently full of surprises.

One Coronation Street tale raises suspicions, but is there really cause for alarm?

Since Roy Cropper (played by David Neilson) first stepped onto the Corrie set in July 1995, ITV viewers have found it difficult to comprehend what life would be like without him.

The proprietor of the café is persuaded to go with Evelyn Plummer (Maureen Lipman) to her salsa class with Glenda Shuttleworth in scenes that will air the following week.

When it becomes apparent that Evelyn and Roy aren’t the most talented dancers, the latter, who is portrayed by Jodie Prenger, realizes she has her work cut out for her.

While they are in the middle of their salsa lesson, Roy suddenly clutches his chest and announces that he is unwell. He then quickly leaves.

Later, Evelyn gets angry and calls the café to reprimand him for leaving her in the middle of a salsa session.

Evelyn leaves in a fury after Roy says that he felt sick but won’t elaborate.

In later scenes, Roy visits Dr. Gaddas (Christine Mackie) for a consultation and explains that he has been experiencing chest symptoms.

He informs her that he has been experiencing breathlessness as well, which makes things worse and prompts her to set up some tests.

Roy will likely respond differently when Evelyn insists on going to the hospital with him as soon as she learns that he is having health problems.

The well-liked character recently made a change in his behavior by developing an addiction to a cell phone Nina Lucas gave him as a gift, which set off a chain of events.

He dropped an Eccles cake because he was preoccupied with his phone, and her cherished greyhound Cerberus ate it before going into kidney failure. This caused a rift between him and Evelyn.

Could Evelyn be in for a terrible surprise with Roy after she forgiven and forgot?

The proprietor of Roy’s Rolls is not the only local who has health issues.

Next week, Paul Foreman might receive a formal diagnosis of motor neurone disease.

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