Coronation Street killer Stephen’s fate ‘revealed’ as fans ‘work out’ Jenny plot twist

It has been anticipated by Coronation Street viewers that Jenny Connor will reveal Stephen Reid’s evil deeds before he can leave the cobbles.

In the Friday, December 30 episode of the ITV soap opera, Stephen revealed his intention to leave Weatherfield after almost being identified as the murderer of Leo Thompkins.

After the structural engineer learned that Stephen was insolvent and had plans to embezzle money from his mother, Audrey Roberts, Stephen killed Leo.

Teddy Thompkins learned the real reason for Leo’s murder, but he was struck by a van just as he was about to reveal Stephen’s wrongdoing.

After the event, Stephen went to the hospital to commit another murder of Teddy, as he was recorded saying: “The very last thing I want to do is this. I sincerely regret what I did to Leo.

“It was a mistake.” I frightened, but in any case, here goes nothing; goodbye, dear friend.”

However, his crime was stopped when Jenny entered the hospital room. As a result, many believe Jenny may be the one to definitively reveal Stephen’s nasty behavior.

One supporter wished Jenny would wake up and smell the coffee on social media.

A second concurred, saying, “If I were Jenny, I would be wondering why Steven is continually hanging out and asking questions about Leo.

Another person also suggested a shocking turn in the narrative, saying: “Jenny discovers Stephen at last. To get away, Stephen borrows a minibus. slams against a wall. Squashes Summer when Max is filming her kissing Griff. Sadly, none of them survive.”

In the meantime, other viewers have prophesied that Stephen’s demise is imminent, with a fourth saying: “He just has to get discovered now.”

A sixth person wrote, “How many times is Stephen going to flee before he is found out? He has to get found out and simply leave.”

“Why hasn’t he been identified by anyone in the street yet? It’s time for him to leave, “said a second fan.

Will Stephen’s sins, however, be made public before he leaves Weatherfield? The waiting game will begin for viewers.

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