Coronation Street kids you forgot existed

There are some youngsters that they seem to have completely forgotten about, but given the size of the Coronation Street cast, it’s understandable if fans find it difficult to keep track of everyone.

More characters than any other soap opera may be found on Corrie, which has more than 70 full-time regular cast members.

And a lot of them are children.

However, some of those kids go unnoticed so frequently that we almost don’t even remember they exist.

Where are these Coronation Street kids?

Harry Platt

He is real; we haven’t just imagined him. Does Sarah Platt actually have two kids?

It’s as if he doesn’t even exist, except from the odd “Harry’s got a birthday party” statement.

Or, if he does, he’s undoubtedly dragging himself up as his mother fusses around pretending to manage a busy knicker factory and his stepdad gives himself a daily home perm.

Maybe he’s simply hiding in the shadows in the corner of their very unkid-friendly flat.

Lily Platt

Is she still around? Has she vanished into nothingness over the Platts’ home?

She might be lost for all time walking the hallways given how the mansion behaves like the TARDIS at its best.

Once her uncle Nick got lost up there and came back with Adam Rickitt’s brand-new corpse.

And it appears that Lily experienced the same thing after she magically resurfaced this week and became a football-obsessed obsession.

The quads who aren’t Aled

Coronation Street rarely makes errors, but the quads most certainly do.

Corrie needs at least eight young toddlers to play the quads if you take into account that to have one child on set, you need twins to play them.

Thus, the reason they are so infrequently seen may not be a secret.

So far, only Aled’s plot has not involved falling asleep in a pram.

Ruby Dobbs

You’d be excused for overlooking Ruby if stepsister Hope Stape wasn’t taking up all the spotlight.

Ruby must make due with the terrible abuser Kirsty as a mother while Hope gets the serial killer John Stape as a father.

She is allegedly not genetically mean enough to have many scenes as a result.

Zack Windass

The fact that the young one has virtually vanished from the cobbles is perhaps a blessing for the little one, who is the grandson of serial killer Pat Phelan and the son of serial killer Gary Windass.

Zack is hardly ever addressed, but he was undoubtedly brought up by his mother Nicola to be a wonderful upstanding citizen.

Everyone will be relieved that he was forgotten for so long when he returns in 15 years to terrorize the cobblestones.

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