Coronation Street: Is Toyah found guilty? Will she go to prison?

Toyah Battersby takes the witness stand in scenes that aired on Coronation Street tonight (September 15, 2022), as she is being tried for the murder of Imran.

But is she convicted? Will she be jailed?

Toyah was feeling anxious and defeated the day of the trial.

This follows her confessing to being the murderer to Spider. While it’s yet unknown if undercover cop Spider would alert the authorities with this information, the aftermath of their breakup has left her in a sad place.

She confessed to Leanne that she deserved to go to prison because of her guilt.

Will Toyah be held accountable?

The court date for Toyah

Later on in court, questions were asked of Leanne, Adam, and Saira Habeeb. Leanne put up a valiant fight, but the evidence against Toyah is overwhelming.

Saira complimented her son’s commitment to his son and marriage while describing Toyah as “cold, greedy, and manipulative” toward Imran.

She related how, after Imran’s passing, she saw Toyah kissing Spider.

Toyah revealed to Leanne that she intended to take responsibility for Imran’s death after being disheartened by Saira’s evidence.

In scenes from Coronation Street, Toyah speaks out.

The prosecution questioned Toyah when she took the witness stand.

She remembered the vehicle accident and her marriage to Imran, clearly shaken.

As Toyah recalled Imran’s final actions, including rescuing her from the rubble before going into cardiac death, audio video aired.

The show showed flashback images of Imran and the automobile crash as he made a startling “return” to the screens when Toyah was in front of the court.

More flashback footage revealed Imran cradling a hurt Toyah just before he passed away.

When Toyah was questioned, she sobbed and said that she had no intention of killing Imran.

Toyah has lost.

Later, Toyah declined Leanne’s invitation to a cup of tea and went straight to bed at home.

Toyah had definitely given up on the trial, worn out and disheartened.

Will Toyah be found accountable for killing Imran?

Will she be imprisoned?

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