Coronation Street icon reassures fans as he shuts down wild death hoax rumours

One Coronation Street legend had to put an end to rumors after falling victim to an internet death hoax.

Craig Charles, a favorite of fans, tweeted on Friday (April 14) to reassure them that he was still alive in the wake of a hoax that had spread on social media.

According to reports, the rumor got its start on Thursday night (April 13), when a fan stated in error that the Red Dwarf actor had passed away.

ITV viewers were surprised when a woman named Rosmary shared a heartfelt tribute to the actor and one of her favorite memories with the celebrity.

“RIP Craig,” she inscribed. Once, my ex-husband called him a “smeg head” in the street. It did not sit well with him.

“But even so. Very sorry that he’s dead. “An icon,” she declared as others added their own fond memories of the celebrity.

Fortunately, the 58-year-old actor was quick to correct the record after a fan alerted him to the online rumor.

“Someone thinks you might have died mate, let her know you’re safe and well,” the worried user added.

Craig’s cheeky remark, “Rosmary, I’m here, I’m alive, can’t you hear me I’m alive,” suggests that he regarded the dramatic story to be extremely humorous. HELP!!!!”

Rosmary said, having heard from the man himself, “Craig. Phew. Unfounded alarm. Jesus riding a bike. Let me tell you, my son is going to need some counseling.

Loyal viewers of the ITV soap opera will recall that from 2006 until his departure from the series in 2015, Craig portrayed the role of taxi driver Lloyd Mullaney.

The actor’s portrayal of Dave Lister in the wildly successful science fiction sitcom Red Dwarf may be his most well-known role.

Later this year, the DJ will launch a UK tour dubbed Craig Charles’ House Party.

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