Coronation Street: Has Stephen Reid murdered his missing wife?

One disturbing notion concerning Stephen Reid and his missing wife has been proposed by Coronation Street viewers.

Todd Boyce, an actor, portrays the businessman in the ITV soap opera.

He unexpectedly made a comeback over a decade later to help mother Audrey Roberts when she was hurt in the barbershop.

However, some of his family members are uneasy about his return to the cobbles.

For years, Stephen has presented himself as a highly successful businessman with a number of enterprises and a large amount of cash on hand.

However, there is evidence for viewers to discern that Stephen is precariously balanced.

In earlier this month’s episodes, he lost his cool in a fit of rage because he couldn’t afford the repairs after his automobile broke down.

And it was made obvious in the soap opera’s last night episode that Stephen was quickly running out of money.

Does Stephen Reid have a history of murder?
Stephen’s credit cards were rejected after he attempted to reserve an afternoon tea for Audrey and her pals.

Being called out on it made him feel humiliated, and Debbie Webster infuriated him.

He later persuaded her, nonetheless, that he was wealthy and had money in the bank.

Additionally, he didn’t use his own card when he called later to make the supper payment.

Instead, he utilized a Gabrielle Reid’s card, and it was successful.

Fans are left with concerns in the wake of the deception, as well as a frightening hypothesis about Gabrielle and what Stephen has done to her.

She appears to be his missing wife, in their opinion.

Even worse, they believe he killed her in order to utilize her credit cards.

According to one, “Stephen kills his wife, jumps on a plane to the UK, and then spends all her money.


“Did Stephen kill his ex wife??? #Corrie,” a second remarked.

Another added: “R.I.P. Gabrielle. Be careful, Audrey! #coronationstreet”

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